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Do you take commissions?

Unfortunately, no. If there were 48 hours in the day, I probably would but as it is, I don’t have enough time to finish my own artistic ideas! I’d be happy to recommend some excellent artists who DO take commission work and I can totally vouch for them being awesome human beings + artists!

But look at my cat/dog! aren’t they so irresistably cute?

Omg, yes they are. Here’s the deal… I am open to accepting models for future cute cat/dog designs but there are no guarantees! I don’t have a time frame for bringing these drawings into existence and it’s all totally subjected to my whims, business needs and amount of free time! But I will check out your cute pictures and accept model submissions for future POSSIBLE artwork. :)

Can you customize one of your existing designs for me?

Apologies, but also no because the days are just too short over here!

How do you make your paintings/drawings?

For most paintings, I use pen, india ink, watercolor and gouache. For my subjects, I use photo references. My brushes are nearly all teeny-tiny. The golden background hue you notice in some painting comes from soaking the paper in black tea. Most recently, I have been teaching myself to draw digitally on an iPad using a program called ProCreate and the Apple Pencil.

How long does it take you to make a painting?

This question is impossible for me to answer! There are a lot of starts and stops and pauses with each piece. The short answer is TOO LONG because I am fussy and (sometimes) overly particular and I make my best art when I work at a relaxed pace.

Do you sell your originals?

Sometimes, yes. Contact me if there is a design you have your eye on!